The Night I Saw the Thief Run: Reflections on "Silent Night"

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The radio doesn’t work in my truck. On most days I find it good discipline to drive in silence–think, or pray. But one evening I really wanted to listen to Christmas music, so I brought along our i-pad and turned on my (overly used) Christmas playlist. This year I have discovered the Christmas album by Pentatonix, and it is phenomenal.
During my drive home, I was listening to their version of “Silent Night,” and I passed a roadside restaurant known for its fabulous chicken-on-a-stick (it’s also known for MSG, so I have to limit my visits). It was one of those slow motion moments: a teenage boy darted down the road, pumping his arms and holding a huge bag of food, while another teenage boy chased him. An old woman yelled. The first boy dropped the bag of food. And my heart dropped a little.
Silent Night. Humph, seems like a bunch of chaos all around. Who needs the news to tell us this world is crazy? We know. 
Silent night, holy night
All is calm, all is bright
Was Bethlehem really quiet that night Jesus was born? I doubt it. There was a census taking place and Roman/Jewish conflict. Oh, how the conflicts have continued–down the street and across the globe. But this we also know: even though this world is clamoring all around us, HE IS the calm, and HE IS bright. He calmed the storm for the disciples and He calms the storms in our souls. And He is the Light of the World who brightens all things, and helps us to understand what is going on around us. 

We grope for answers, when we forget to grope for Him.
Maybe your house is noisy. Maybe your heart is noisy. Maybe the idea of a silent night seems impossible. But it’s not about volume, or pitch, or frequency. It’s about peace. And HE IS the Prince of Peace. 
Surrender your heart to Him, and while the world around you will continue to make quite a racket, you will experience His holiness, and you will experience a silent night in the truest form: a night where your worries rest in Him.
Keep the Faith,
Audrey Ann
“For He Himself is our peace…” Ephesians 2:14a
Credit: “Silent Night” by Joseph Mohr
Image: Google images/Free clip art/