To eat "chikin" or not to eat "chikin," that is today’s question

Chick-Fil-A, homosexuality, Jesus

If you’ve logged into facebook even once or twice this past week, you’ve been barraged with adds about Chick-Fil-A Day, standing up for biblical marriage, and eating more “chikin.” And today (THE day)…it seems that everyone has some sort of opinion to share.

Honestly, it’s awesome that everyone is all “roweled” up. In the end, that is truly what this controversy is about. Sure, the owner of the restaurant was asked his beliefs on marriage, and he gave his answer. But this controversy is not really about “anti homosexuals”…or “hate”…it’s about freedom…freedom to believe what you want, build a business based on those beliefs, and SAY, RANT, or SHOUT what you believe, and not fear bullying from the powers that be. This is about the first amendment. This is about freedom of speech. This is about capitalism. And there are so many who have given their very lives for those ideals, so I will not be afraid to eat a chicken sandwich (or salad in my case) supporting them in some small way.

But what really bothers me are statements from (well-meaning, I’m sure) friends who make statements about supporters of Chick-Fil-A being “insensitive” or lacking “love.”

At first I wondered if they were right. Maybe this is whole campaign is stupid. I mean, it is correct that truth should still be presented in the right way.

However, it is never “insensitive” to state the truth. And it is never “sensitive” or somehow spiritually more elite to hush those who do have something to say about the truth. “Well, buying that chicken sandwich isn’t helping any homosexuals come to know Jesus!” they might argue. Perhaps it is not, but neither is quieting someone declaring the truth. Chick-Fil-A never said they hated those who practice homosexuality.

Except for Jesus Christ in my life, I am EVERY BIT as dirty. EVERY BIT as desperate before the throne of grace. EVERY BIT as needy. And I am capable of any sin. any. But in light of His glorious grace, oh, can’t we see that if we have the truth, we must not stay silent! Yes, speak the truth in love, but don’t let “sensitivity” silence you, because it’s not “sensitive” to quietly watch as people walk to hell. Don’t mask passivity with alleged kindness. It’s not a favor.

Keep the faith,
Audrey Ann