Lowcountry Lifestyle: Beaufort, SC



Celebrating three years of marriage, a few weeks ago Eric and I drove over to Beaufort, SC for an evening. What a special trip it was! If you are ever in the area, you must check out this quant little town. The charm is slightly reminiscent of Charleston without any of the traffic and scurry.

We stayed at the Cuthbert House Inn , a highly awarded bed and breakfast. Large and lovely with perfectly creaky floors, I enjoyed every moment. There was a “cocktail hour” in the early evening, and they served drinks and light snacks as the owner sat with the guests and chatted about the history of the home and just life in general. We sat in the sitting room, just as wealthy ladies of old once did. Also, we discovered that General William Sherman once spent the night in the very room in which we were staying! *Of course, we do not speak of these things too loudly with those of southern heritage, ahem.* I have always loved pretending to be a part of history. And to be relaxing with my mister while doing it was so, so fun.

The bathroom in our suite was large and held both an old fireplace and a clawfoot tub. Having battled recently with anxiety about what the future will hold, I found staying in this home soothing. This home had seen, and even held, war–and it continued to stand with pride.  As I relaxed in the tub of General Sherman’s old bedroom, a peace came over me. The poet Shelley once said that “History is a cyclic poem written by time upon the memories of man.” To me, that poem is both a warning and a lullaby. Yes, we must learn from the mistakes of the past, but we must also revel in the knowledge that God was there and He will continue to be there. And we be will okay.

Enjoying beauty is easy and rewarding, when we recognize it as a gift from Him.








Here I am breaking the rules and wearing sunglasses indoors at Lowcountry Produce–the cutest cafe and produce market with the coolest high ceilings!


If books are your thing, Nevermore Books must be on you to-do list. Also, check out the Beaufort Visitor’s Center where they will chat with you teach you all sorts of interesting things about the history of a small town that carried on in remarkable ways after the Civil War.


Scout Southern Market has THE best sweet tea, y’all. So yummy! They also have all sorts of Carolina treasures and a cute little candy bar.


What a fun adventure through history with sweet treats and sweet hospitality in the lovely town of Beaufort.

Of course, a token ‘usie’ is a must. It was our anniversary, after all:


Happy Wednesday!

Keep the Faith,

Audrey Ann

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