His Wife: Being a Bride in a "Girls Rule-Boys Drool" World


As the Lord wills, on June 8th of 2013, I will walk down the aisle of a tiny church in a tiny town of the American Midwest, and I will vow to love, honor, and cherish one man for as long as we both shall live.

This is a day of which I’ve been dreaming for years, for decades. I’m sure it will be lovely, as I am blessed with many friends who are offering to help decorate, and I’m just pretty sure everything will have a rose-colored tint for me that day, no matter what craziness ensues. It will be picture perfect, like the movies. [Insert smiles, hearts, and sighs]

But there’s one thing Disney flicks didn’t teach me…one thing for which Pinterest pinning cannot prep me…one thing for which no exhorbitant amount of reading materials can offer all the answers: the after…
the after we ride off into the sunset…the after I toss my bouquet out of the carriage window.

I’m going to be his wife. Yikes.

People keep asking me what I am going to do after we move back to Guam, and while I completely understand their question (especially in view of today’s culture), it does sting a bit when I get blank stares after I answer, “Well, I’m going to be his wife.”

Now, maybe they imagine me slaving away in the kitchen, doing his laundry, or biting my fingers, waiting for him to return from his shift at the fire station. And guess what? They’re RIGHT! I will do all these things, because…

I delight in him.

Now, I know some could pat my head and dub me another naive young lover, unaware of the pain and heartache of marriage. And although I readily admit I have pretty much everything to learn about marriage, I am well aware of the hardships. I am well aware that people are prone to sin. I am well aware of satan’s attack on the family, on the husband and wife.

Am I scared? Terrified.

But I am trying, little by little, to hand this terror to the One who made marriage. And trust that He knows the best way.

His way makes me to be fully woman, fully alive.

Being Eric’s wife will not stifle my dreams of teaching, writing, or ministry. Rather, it will enable me. Eric’s prayers will cover me, and his encouragement will prod me on as I pursue what God has whispered in my heart.

Will we have rough days and weeks? I’m sure we will. And will I get tired of certain household duties? Duh. I am the most human of humans, and I am not trying to pretend otherwise. But I will go forward in hope and joy.

And as much as I want to be this or do that, or accomplish this or that, how thrilled I am that in a few months I get to say…

 “I am a daughter of the most High God…and I am Eric’s wife.”