Words for the Transient Soul

It seems a lot of us are moving around these days, settling into new homes and attempting to make new friends who feel like old ones.

“Where are you from?” is a complicated question when many cross-cultural experiences flow through your veins and you’ve changed your zip code yet again.

Whether your moves are military-related, job-related, or otherwise, this space is to inspire you to enjoy this beautiful world and make home wherever this season has you.

Here’s to living with equal parts adventure and contentment—to see the world and love where you live. Mosey on over to my blog and make yourself at home. ❤

I’m Audrey Ann Masur, a writer who cherishes the gift of travel, a wife, and a mama of two littles. Our family endeavors to lead a simple life enjoying and investing in all the beautiful places we’ve been privileged to call home. Currently we’re en route to the United Kingdom by way of Summerville, South Carolina. On this little blog you’ll find musings, tales, and everyday serendipities.

So glad you’re here, friend. Let’s keep in touch! I’d love to hear from you.




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